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Director of Education

Abbey Walshaw-Wertz
 Director of Education

I believe that all students can learn.  As a public school district, it is our job to find ways to support all students in their learning and provide them with the skills necessary to become successful, productive members of society.

From my perspective, the first step in supporting students in their learning is getting to know them as individuals.  As both a classroom teacher and principal, it was my mission to really know as many of my students as possible.  Building relationships with students (and their parents) not only helped me manage their behavior, but also allowed me to find the “hook” to motivate students to learn.    

The second step in supporting all students is providing students with structure.  From the first day of school, students need to clearly know what the academic and behavioral expectations are.   They also need to know that they will be held accountable to meet these expectations. We always need to have high expectations for all students, and then provide any support they may need to reach the target. Some students may just need encouragement; while others may need us to break the goal down into more manageable steps, allow them extra time to process what the goal is, or encourage countless repetitions of each small step needed to reach the goal.

As the Director of Education of the Shikellamy School District, my mission is to help create a school community in which every student can be successful.    In my role, I can positively impact student learning by supporting the instructional staff and building administrators.  In the time I have been here, I recognize the many strengths of the Shikellamy School District.  I truly believe that if all of us direct our energies and resources toward a common goal, we can “challenge and excite learners to be all that they can they can be.”