21st Century Community Learning Centers

21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program uses federal grant money for afterschool programming. The Shikellamy School District was awarded the grant starting in 2009 with the Cohort 4 grant. Since its inception, the program has continued to grow.

With the Cohort 6A grant, Program Director Eric Attinger and Assistant Program Director Michael Dodge have added a STEM(Science Technology Engineering Math) program at all four elementary schools for grades three through five, as well as a Credit Recovery program for at-risk students at the Shikellamy High School.

Just in the past year, participation in the program has doubled. Mr. Attinger and Mr. Dodge continue to work to expand and improve the program, ultimately raising achievement by providing meaningful after school activities for students.

The program offers homework help with certified teachers, physical activities, as well as a free snack. The program also allow participants the opportunity to take field trips to area businesses such as Strike Zone Lanes, Sunbury YMCA, Golden Living Retirement Center, and the Sunset Skating

The new STEM program provides students with the opportunity to expand their learning in science and other related fields. The recently-added Credit Recovery program helps students who have previously failed courses at the high school level to make-up course work at no-cost to the parents. The program is state monitored and through data collection and analysis has shown a positive effect on student grades since its inception.

Mr. Attinger and Mr. Dodge hope to furthe rthe programs’ effect on achievement for students in the Shikellamy School District. For more information, please call 286-3722.