Annual Notice

Public Awareness Notice

The Shikellamy School District provides special education programs and services to meet the needs of students identified as eligible and exceptional due to physical or mental disabilities or mental giftedness.  Programs and services are available to eligible children at least 2 years, 9 months of age by September 1, as well as eligible school age children to the age of 21.  Procedures followed in determining eligibility, program planning, and implementation are in accordance with Title 22 PA Code Chapter 14 and 16 (regulations) and Chapter 342 (standards).


Eligibility is determined through a multi-disciplinary evaluation of which parents are an integral part.  Parents may request the initiation of a multi-disciplinary evaluation for their child and/or the school may initiate the evaluation process.  No evaluation may be conducted without parental permission.  Parents are invited to participate in all team meetings.


Following the multidisciplinary evaluation, a team meeting is held to summarize the findings of the evaluation and to determine if the student is exceptional.  If the team determines that the student is a student with a disability according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act an individualized educational program will be developed for the child.  The IEP will include statements relating to the students current levels of  educational performance, annual goals, specific educational strategies and services to be used with the student, and the educational placement of the student.  


The school district ensures the protection of the confidentiality of personally identifiable information regarding an exceptional or thought-to-be exceptional student or young child.  Parent permission is required to share or receive information with outside sources.  Records are maintatined, stored, destroyed or accessed in compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Chapter 12 and other applicable law.  


Additional information on Special Education Programs and Services may be obtained by contacting the office of Mrs. Stephanie Michaels, Director of Special Education and Student Services,Island Park Administration Center, Shikellamy School District, 200 Island Boulevard, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, 17801. (570) 286-3721.