Training Opportunities--Tech Tuesdays

Tuesday, September 27th - Hapara Teacher Dashboard Update
Grade Levels 9-12
*Cover new features of the Teacher Dashboard and touch more on the new Highlights Feature for this year.

Tuesday, October 11th - Google Classroom
Grade Levels 2-12
*Using Google Classroom with your students to create, deploy and organize assignments, tests and quizzes.  Also using Hapara in conjunction with Google Classroom for Grade Levels 9-12.

Tuesday, October 25th - Google Forms and Flubaroo
Grade Levels 9-12
*Review using Google Forms and the Flubaroo App for classroom assessments, testing and grading.

Tuesday, November 8th - Google Apps for the Classroom
Grade Levels k-12
*Learn more about the latest Google Apps for the Classroom.  Having students become an intricate part of the Google App process.
Tuesday, November 22nd - Digital Citizenship and your Students
Grade Levels k-12
*Learning more about Digital Citizenship for 21st Century Learning as technology becomes part of everyday student life.