Grace S. Beck Elementary School


Grace S. Beck Elementary School
600 Arch Street
Sunbury. PA 17801
Phone: 570-286-3725
Fax: 570-286-3866
Principal: Mrs. Susan Giberson
Grace S. Beck Elementary School
BK1 Miss Kendra Day - Kindergarten
BK2 Mrs. Michelle Koppen - Kindergarten
BK3 Mrs. Alicia Fisher - Kindergarten

B11 Mrs. Riley Campbell - First Grade
B12 Mr. Jonathan Scullin - First Grade
B13 Miss Stephanie Persing - First Grade

B21 Mrs. Helen Peters
- Second Grade
B22 Mrs. Nicole Schenewerk - Second Grade
B23 Mr. William Catizone - Second Grade

B31 Mr. Michael Becker
- Third Grade
B32 Mrs. Erin Phillips - Third Grade
B33 Mrs. Katie Booth - Third Grade

B41 Mrs. MaryAnna Rebar -
Fourth Grade
B42 Mrs. Elizabeth Vasquez - Fourth Grade

B51 Mr. Paul Kolody - Fifth Grade

B52 Mrs. Wendy Arnold - Fifth Grade

B61 Mrs. Brandy Fessler - Sixth Grade
B62 Mrs. DeeAnn Bobinis - Sixth Grade
Ms. Michele Dormer - Learning Support Teacher
Learning Support Teacher
Class Size Reduction Intervention Specialist
Ms. Megan Steese - Class Size Reducation Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Lisa Kabonick
Title I
Mrs. LouAnn Maye - Title I

Ms. Minda Fogarty - L
Mrs. Christine Shemory - Library Aide

Mr. Matthew Shively
- Physical Education
Mrs. Gina Miscannon - Guidance

Mrs. Carla Ferry
- Enrichment Teacher
Mr. Frank DeLucca - Music

Mrs. Christine Landau
- Art
Mr. Aaron Naginey - Speech/Language support
Mrs. Carol Engle - Health Room Technician
Ms. Karlen Light - PreK Counts (IU)
Mrs. Pamela Lehman - ELL
Mrs. Sharon Walters - IU


  • Parent letters with information concerning your child's "New" teacher will be mailed to your  address that is on file as of the last day of school.
    Thank you for being so patient and have a wonderful 4th of July.
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