Parent Education

Given the forecasted weather conditions, Shikellamy Afterschool Program has decided to reschedule Bank On It! for November 28th at 5:00pm.

Upcoming Event

Shikellamy Afterschool Program is partnering with Fulton Bank to offer a workshop for parents on November 28 at 5:00 pm to happen in the Administration Building (200 Island Blvd., Sunbury).

Bank On It!
This course identifies the major types of Financial Institutions, as well as the process of account opening, as well as basic terminology.

Main topics covered:
  • Identifying the major types of insured financial institutions
  • Identify reasons to use a financial institution
  • Steps involved in opening and maintaining a bank account
  • Identifying types of deposit accounts
  • Additional Banking Services
  • Functions of Bank employees

If you are interested in participating of this event, please refer to this link to sign up, email us at or call at (570) 286-3721 x 5109
  Shikellamy Afterschool Program en asociación con Fulton Bank ofrecerá un taller para padres el 28 de noviembre a las 5:00 pm a tomar lugar en el Edificio Administrativo (200 Island Blvd., Sunbury).

Bank On It!
Este curso identifica los principales tipos de Instituciones Financieras, así como el proceso de abrir una cuenta, y terminología básica.

Principales temas a cubrir:
  • Identificar los principales tipos de instituciones financieras aseguradas
  • Identificar motivos para usar una institución financiera
  • Pasos involucrados en abrir y mantener una cuenta bancaria
  • Identificar tipos de cuentas de depósito
  • Servicios Bancarios Adicionales
  • Funciones de los empleados del Banco
 Si estás interesado en participar de este evento, por favor sigue este enlace para registrarte, o envíanos un email a o llama al (570) 286-3721 x 5109

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